If you have any information about any existing examples of Fetha-Lite prams, for example on display in museums, or if you own one yourself please let us know via our Contacts page.

We are aware of this link to a site displaying a Fetha-Lite twin dolls pram: http://www.luxuryprams.co.uk/ 

 This example of a Fetha-Lite pram is on display (confirmed April 2015) on the platform at Loughborough Station, Great Central Railway.

GCR Loughboroug...
GCR Loughborough 3 GCR Loughborough 3

  Thanks to Janet Page who sent a photo of a Fetha-Lite from 1965. "My Mum and Dad bought it for my first baby named Lynne. I chose it from the Greenwood's factory in 1965. I think it cost £25. A lot of money in those days."

1965 Example
1965 Example 1965 Example

Thanks to Diana Butcher who sent a photo of a Lincoln model:  "I love my Fethalite. The body paintwork is a bit cracked and yellowed but OK from a distance! It had one owner before me who bought it through a shop, now gone, in Rugby so it has not travelled very far in it’s life. I did have a Fethalite dolls pram but sold it last Christmas and it’s condition was fabulous considering it’s age."

Lincoln Lincoln

Thanks Gill Bradley

GillB GillB

Thanks Cecelia

From Cecelia
From Cecelia From Cecelia

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