From 1927 Greenwood's factory was situated in an old water mill at Old Basford, Nottingham, powered by the River Leen, which ground corn brought in by local people. It ceased to function as a mill after it suffered a fire (date and other details unknown).

The mill was chosen because of the space it offered over two storeys and its proximity to nearby Basford Railway Station.

During Greenwood's occupancy the building suffered a fire overnight on 6th-7th September 1934, which was reported in the Nottingham Evening Post on 7th September 1934 (see PDF image below). The fire gutted the top floor of the building which was used as the company joiner's shop.

The building was insured and was subsequently repaired. Alterations were carried out at the same time.

The area around the building was subject to frequent flooding from the River Leen. Action was taken in 1962 to divert the river away from Lincoln Street which meant that water no longer flowed under the building.

After Greenwood's closed, the building was converted into its present use as flats.

For further information about Greenwoods, the mill, the River Leen and the surrounding area please visit this website (new window).

You should just about be able to make out the 'Greenwoods' sign-writing on the side of the building in the zoomed image of the factory (below).

Click the thumbnail images to zoom. Click the green download icon on the thumbnail to view full size.

Factory From Le...
Factory From Leen Factory From Leen
factoryzoom factoryzoom
Mill 1
Mill 1 Mill 1
Mill 2
Mill 2 Mill 2
Mill 3
Mill 3 Mill 3
Mill 4
Mill 4 Mill 4
mill5 mill5
The Mill in 200...
The Mill in 2008 The Mill in 2008


 Click to read about the 1934 fireClick the PDF image to read about the 1934 fire courtesy Nottingham Evening Post 7th September 1934


The factory has been converted into flats.

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